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Female Business Angels Exclusive Syndicated Opportunities for Female Angel Investors


Breaking investing barriers

Overseen by our investment committee, our angel community actively works as a catalyst to surpass the 10% female shareholding of startups, through our Female Business Angels Deep Dives with start-ups and regulated VC funds.

Our partners are dedicated to increasing diversity by inviting female investors - many of whom will be new to investing in general - to increase their exposure to this alternative investing space.

Women are normally unable to invest the usual VC or Seed Ticket sizes of CHF 100.000, alone. Our exclusive partners however, through a syndication strategy (Swiss Partnership Structure), enable investment participation with much smaller ticket sizes.

As such, Female Business Angels investing in Tech-FinTech-Blockchain solutions, can do so with as little as CHF 5,000, as offered by our regulated partners, to our community.

Please find our memo sheet and the doodle link for the deep dive sessions here.

Read more about our partners below.